Free Web Site Planning Guide

This guide contains help information that will enable you to determine exactly what it is you wish your web site to do for you (this might not be what you're thinking right now either!) and what that will take in terms of planning, time and resources to achieve. Use it as your road map to help find your way through the puzzle of what a web site can do for you.

Please take the time to download this, print it out and then go and sit down somewhere quiet, with a beverage of your choice, and think about the important questions it poses.

You can download the free planning guide from here.

Once downloaded simply open the document NiftyWebDesignFreeGuide.rtf in Wordpad, print it out and fill in the gaps. We'll need most of these questions answered before we can start to build your new well thought out web site!

If you have any questions about the guide at all please don't hesitate to contact us.

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